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Bananarama Dive and Beach Resort Bananarama Dive and Beach Resort
Beacher's Bar & Grill Beacher's Bar & Grill
Bite on the Beach Bite on the Beach
Captain Van's Rentals Captain Van's Rentals
Grand Roatan Grand Roatan
Infinity Bay Infinity Bay
Island House Vacation Rentals Island House Vacation Rentals
JavaVine Cafe & Wine Bar JavaVine Cafe & Wine Bar
Latin American Lifestyle & Art (LALA) Latin American Lifestyle & Art (LALA)
Mangiamo Market & Delicatessen Mangiamo Market & Delicatessen
Mayan Princess Mayan Princess

Nice n' Spicy

Nice n' Spicy
Out Of The Blue Mini-mart Out Of The Blue Mini-mart
Paradise Hotels & Resorts Paradise Hotels & Resorts
Penelope's Island Emporium Penelope's Island Emporium
REMAX Roatan REMAX Roatan
Roatan Humane Society Roatan Humane Society
Roatan Life Roatan Life
Roatan Marine Park Roatan Marine Park
Rumors On Roatan Rumors On Roatan

So Tropic Gifts & Souvenirs

So Tropic Gifts & Souvenirs
The Meridian at Light house Point The Meridian at Light house Point
Viva Properties Viva Properties
West Bay Bed and Breakfast Hotel West Bay Bed and Breakfast Hotel
West Bay Lodge and Spa West Bay Lodge and Spa

BananaramaDive Resort is in the heart of West Bay Beach with a beautiful white sand beach front & crystal clear turquoise water. 
Bananarama Dive and Beach Resort
We offer an island dream vacation for those who want to escape the stress of everyday life and relax Roatan Island style!

We are a PADI 5 Star Dive Center and PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Resort with a professional staff that is sure to enhance your incredible diving experience within the protected Roatan Marine Park.

Phone : US: (727)-564-9058
Cell : (504) 3311-1618

West Bay Beach

Beach Bar & Restaurant 
Beacher's Bar & Grill

Phone : 3350-1092

West Bay Beach

Restaurant & Bar 
Bite on the Beach
Full service restaurant & bar, specializing in fresh island seafood prepared in unique ways. Beautiful overwater dining with seating for 80.

Cell : 9663-6317 / 9660-1679

West Bay Beach

Scooters, Motorcycles, Vehicles, DVDs, Cell Phones, Prepaid Phone Cards. 
Captain Van's Rentals
Let us help you see Roatan.
Vehicles, Scooters and Motorcycles for rent.

Our West Bay location also rents cell phones, 3G modems, DVDs and DVD players.
We can also supply you with all your local Prepaid phone minutes.

Open everyday from 9AM - 7PM.
Transportation rentals closes at 4PM.

Click on our logo to visit our website.

Phone : 2445-5040 / 2445-4076

#6 West Bay Beach Mall
KM 1, West Bay Road

Caribbean Resort 
Grand Roatan
On the southern tip of Roatán Island, overlooking West Bay Beach, Grand Roatán Resort is a rare tropical gem that effortlessly merges authenticity with unmatched luxury and elegance. Stylish and sophisticated, this alluring Roatán resort is nestled between a pristine forest sanctuary and the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean. Guests enjoy 28 spacious oceanfront or ocean view Luxury Residences and 20 Junior Suites with unparalleled beach sightlines and wade-in access to the Mesoamerican Reef — the world's second largest barrier reef — just 30 yards offshore.

With its breathtaking coastline, luxury residences, Junior Suites, five-star amenities and a sense of solitude that blends perfectly with its natural surroundings, Grand Roatán Resort welcomes you to enjoy the quintessential Caribbean lifestyle for a week or perhaps even a lifetime.

Cell : 9496-4181

West Bay Beach

Spa & Beach Resort 
Infinity Bay
Infinity Bay Beach Resort is Roatan’s choice for an upscale, relaxing and memorable tropical getaway. Our stunning location on West Bay Beach brings together everything one could desire for an unforgettable beachfront vacation.

Infinity Bay offers the perfect combination of modern, upscale accommodations, convenient onsite diving, spa and dining services, and a magical seaside location, where you can choose to do as little or as much as you’d like during your stay.

A short walk of 50 feet will bring you to the warm Caribbean Sea where you can dip your toes, or melt into your lounge chair while you sip a delicious cocktail and enjoy the colorful surroundings, warm sun, and tropical breezes.

Our idyllic setting is considered by many to be the best spot for diving, snorkeling, swimming and fishing in the Caribbean - activities that are literally at your fingertips. You can also peacefully pass the time lounging by our resort’s beautiful infinity-edged pool or getting a relaxing massage in your room or on the beach.

Whether you’re seeking relaxation our adventure, our hotel in Roatan is your place for an unforgettable Caribbean getaway. We invite you to discover the Infinity Bay difference and experience our island paradise for yourself.

Phone : 2445-5016
Cell : 9496-4184

West Bay Beach

Vacation Rentals & Property Management 
Island House Vacation Rentals
We offer vacation rentals mainly in the West Bay area. Rentals range from studio apartments to luxury homes and from one bedroom up to four bedrooms.

Phone : 2445-5072

West Bay Beach

Internet Cafe, Wine Bar & Lounge 
JavaVine Cafe & Wine Bar
Serving up some of the Best Coffee & Coldest Beer in one of the chillest atmospheres in West Bay, Roatan! With FREE WI-FI for all customers, hot and cold coffee drinks, fresh fruit smoothies, pastries, bagels, breakfast sandwiches, ciabatta sandwiches, Gourmet Pizza, Tasty Tapas, and a selection of over 20 delectable wines, you'll want to drop by to Sip some Coffee or Wine at JavaVine!

7:30 am - 5:00 pm :: Monday thru Friday (open until 8pm most Fridays)
8:00 am - 2:00 pm :: Saturday, Sunday
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm :: HAPPY HOUR!

Close times are often later - we don't close if you keep coming in!

Phone : 2445-5048

#10 West Bay Beach Mall
KM 1, West Bay Road

Indigenous art and artisan home-wares from Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean 
Latin American Lifestyle & Art (LALA)
LALA is an art gallery featuring beautifully made art and artisan home-wares from the indigenous people of Latin America. Our product range includes paintings, ceramics, textiles, jewelry, wood carvings, photography and more.

Cell : 8572-0433

Beach access road behind West Bay Mall

Market & Delicatessen 
Mangiamo Market & Delicatessen
Mangiamo is where you can do your grocery shopping and enjoy breakfast or lunch. It is one of the first proper Deli’s established in Roatan and is a landmark for West Bay. It is a small town convenience store offering an International selection of foods and a range of household products. We get to know our customers whether they are locals, on vacation for a week, renting a home for a month or new to the island. We are located in the West Bay Beach Mall.

We will call you by name, customize your sandwich, order a special product that you need and can’t find on the island, open a package of butter because you only need a single stick, or pour you two tablespoons of sesame oil if that’s all you need for your recipe.

Specialities and Highlights
Mangiamo uses only the freshest products, from Hydroponic grown Romaine lettuce to USA grade deli meats & cheeses. Here at Mangiamo we offer breakfasts for all hungers and lunches to settle you into the Afternoon. All of Mangiamo's menu items are made to order to ensure the highest quality of freshness and customer satisfaction.

Here at Mangiamo we have a range of products to cater for your holiday or living needs. Ranging from sun cream to European cookies and crackers, South American Wines to French cheese. Whether you need a party tray or gift basket, breakfast of champions or bottle of wine, Mangiamo is the only place to shop.

Phone : 2445-5035

#2 West Bay Beach Mall
KM 1, West Bay Road

Beach Resort 
Mayan Princess
Fully equipped condos & suites, restaurants, spa, dive shop, and boutique Beach Club (San Simon).

Phone : 2445-5050/1/2/3

West Bay Beach
Nice n' Spicy

Indian/Chinese Noodle Restaurant 
Nice n' Spicy
We are located behind the mall in West Bay on the side road down to the beach. We do take-out options and also have an outdoor covered deck if you would rather eat in.

Open for lunch and dinner:
Noon - 9 pm Tuesday to Friday
5pm - 9pm Saturday

Beach access road behind West Bay Mall

Convenience Store 
Out Of The Blue Mini-mart
Beer, wine, sodas, ice cream, locally made souveniers.
Open Tuesday thru Sunday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Phone : 9875-0011
Cell : 9567-7780

West Bay Beach

Hotel, Resort, Restaurant & Bar on West Bay Beach 
Paradise Hotels & Resorts

Phone : 2445-5076
Cell : 9769-1407 / 9590-5895 / 9990-5803

West Bay Beach

Jewelry & Home Decor 
Penelope's Island Emporium
Upscale fine tropical jewelry, gifts, and home accessories.

Phone : 2445-5039
Cell : 3391-1490

#5 West Bay Beach Mall
KM 1, West Bay Road

Discount Card
Discount Card

Phone : 504-2516-2273


Real Estate Sales 
REMAX Roatan
Find our MLS listings on the following sites:

Phone : (786) 380-4864
Cell : (504) 3386-8605

#9 West Bay Beach Mall
KM 1, West Bay Road

Our mission is to change Roatan’s animals from "Hungry and Hurting" to "Healthy and Happy". 
Roatan Humane Society
Roatan Humane Society is a group of individuals who have come together to promote the idea of compassion and empathy toward the animals in our community.

Our mission is to change Roatan’s animals from "Hungry and Hurting" to "Healthy and Happy".

The Roatan Humane Society is a non-profit, grassroots organization dedicated to act as a voice for the animals of Roatan. Our goals are to provide vet care for animals in disadvantaged communities, provide humane solutions for communities struggling with animal overpopulation and to end the cruelty and abuse of companion animals through humane educational programs - helping children to apply the concepts of respect and kindness toward the animals in their own lives.

Visit our website by clicking on our logo, or check us out on facebook.

Cell : 8844-5018

Real Estate & Vacation Rental 
Roatan Life
Real Estate Sales and Vacation Rentals.

Phone : 2445-5036 / 2445-3130
Cell : 3324-2990

#4 West Bay Beach Mall
KM 1, West Bay Road

Conservation & Preservation of Roatan's coastal and marine resources 
Roatan Marine Park
The West Bay Business Association is a Proud Supporter of the Roatan Marine Park (RMP) and a portion of proceeds from most of our SPECIAL EVENTS are donated to the RMP!


To facilitate enforcement of Honduran environmental protection laws, create a sense of environmental responsibility through education of residents and visitors, and to promote community empowerment for participatory conservation of Roatan's coastal and marine resources.


To protect and provide a healthy and sustainable marine environment off Roatan that is capable of carrying out its ecological function while maintaining its capacity to provide the ecosystem goods and services (fisheries, tourism, aesthetic and cultural values) that foster sustainable livelihoods.

Phone : 2445-4206

Adults only Bed & Breakfast 
Rumors On Roatan

Cell : 3296-3961

West Bay Road

Your one stop in West Bay for all your vacation shopping needs 
So Tropic Gifts & Souvenirs
So Tropic has everything you need for that perfect beach vacation! Whether you're shopping for unique, hand crafted gifts, or you need bikinis and flip flops for the beach, or the airline lost your luggage and you need a new toothbrush and contact lens solution, we've got it!

We've got some of the best prices in West Bay, especially on essentials like sunscreen and bug repellent - check with us before you buy somewhere else. And we buy from a variety of local artists, so we can help you find that perfect gift that you won't find anywhere else on the island.

Open 7 days a week, 9 AM - 7 PM

Phone : 504 2445-5042
Cell : 504 9773-5114

#7 West Bay Beach Mall
KM 1, West Bay Road

Oceanfront Villas & Condos 
The Meridian at Light house Point
Oceanfront Villas & Condos - Sales & Rentals.

Phone : 9644-7504
Cell : 9663-6317 / 9660-1679

Km 0, West Bay Road
to the end of the island
at Lighthouse Point

Villas and Vacation Rentals 
Viva Properties

Phone : 2408-8998
Cell : 9955-9428 / 9596-5854

Lighthouse Estates, West Bay

Bed & Breakfast Hotel 
West Bay Bed and Breakfast Hotel
Affordable 7 room hotel including breakfast

Phone : 504-2445-5080
Cell : 504-3304-0965

KM1 West Bay Road
across from West Bay Mall

Hotel, Spa, Restaurant 
West Bay Lodge and Spa,

Phone : 2445-5069
Cell : 3303-2808

KM 1, West Bay Road